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Nowadays it is unavoidable for any company to appear on the internet and to have its own website or to have an ad on a social site at the very least. The internet, more than any other media, being the best marketing tool of today, is an opportunity for your company to be accessible and visible. There are many ways to appear on the net, but what is imperative for you is that you do appear there, thus making you and your business a real player in the virtual world. The presentation can be a webpage, a webshop, or even a business profile on a social network page such as Facebook. These solutions are all offered to you by LogoGiraffe and they are tailored to your unique needs using clear and elegant designs and modern solutions to meet your most current expectations.
  • Landing page

    Landing page

    The Landing Page is the first surface on your internet homepage which your potential customer sees. Needless to say that it is here where the fate of our webpage is sealed since it either grabs the attention of its visitor or not and, consequently, he stays interested or simply leaves. Simply put, the Landing Page is a page of introduction where the visitor lands as he browses through the related links.
    A well designed Landing Page has the potential to influence the visitor by drawing his attention to the essence of our business or to a specific product he is interested in. With the right focus we can eliminate any unnecessary information that can lead to boredom or impatience and holds the attention of the user.

    Landing page prices

    Price: from £ 160
    Please ask personalized offer
  • Multi-page introductory site

    Multi-page introductory site

    Whether you are conducting a business, providing a service, or simply involved in an activity that you wish to draw attention to, you need an introductory page. Nowadays, a web page is a must to anyone, let it be a small business, a foundation, a school of some kind, a band, or a single performer. LogoGiraffe uses your personal ideas to help you create the best, most modern intro page to get you started.

    Multi-page introductory site prices

    Price: from £ 160 + £ 30 / subpage
    Please ask personalized offer
  • Portal page

    Portal page

    The web portal is a collection of certain web pages or groups of pages that thematically organised pages that are similar in themes; it is a kind of information center that provides a starting point or junction point of any given topic. Simply put, this is a specialized, thematic internet surface which collects relevant news and information within a certain theme and places them onto a singular page. With their thematic profile the portals are a perfect marketing surface that can even be used as an advertising surface for the related products and services. For the operator of these surfaces the ads can translate into income.

    Portal page prices

    Price: from £ 300
    Please ask personalized offer
  • Online shop

    Online shop

    The online store is a space that can be formed with a relatively small investment to serve as a factual store, only it doesn't require rent payments, utility fees, or cleaning. It is a shop that can potentially be reached by many more customers than a store downtown, and it is open at any given time of day and throughout the year. Shopping is done in front of the computer, in the comfort of one's home, so there is no need for your customer to dress up and travel to a location. A well prepared online store is a store and an advertisement in one. LogoGiraffe puts together uniquely designed online store that are practical and aesthetically pleasing as well as user friendly.

    Online shop prices

    Price: from £ 930
    Please ask personalized offer
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