Identity design

The image of your undertaking should be more than just a pile of data or the colors and types of characters used. A good image is easily remembered and it paints a well integrated picture that can trigger the memory of your customers about your business. This image is exclusively yours and it sets you and your business apart from others. A good image is like an old trade-sign; when seen by someone, it has to refer to your business immediately. The image of any given business can be defined by a logo, an internet image, a name, or even a product or a product image to which we can offer the following solutions.
  • Logo design

    Logo design

    A logo is one of the simplest and yet most important element of your business image. The logo is the unique symbol of your business and of its services. It is a special, yet simple trade-mark that represents you and your business on the market and it stands as a front-line identification that sets you apart from everyone else while also represents all the main aspects of your undertaking. Therefore, a good logo can't be replaced by anything else for it is a unique symbol of credentials that is clear and simple yet an attention grabber. At the time of designing for you, LogoGiraffe keeps all these principles in sight.

    Logo design prices

    Packages: Logo G.01 Logo G.02 Logo G.03 Logo G.04
    Concepts: 2 5 8 12
    Modification: 1 2 5 10
    Stationery Design: X X yes yes
    Brand Book: X X X yes
    Prices: $200 (CAD) $400 (CAD) $1000 (CAD) $2000 (CAD)
  • Company identity design

    Company identity design

    Any business or company has a „face” much like a person does. This image consists of a unified picture of appearance and form. After all, you will be remembered mainly by this unique image, not so much by the undertaking itself.

    Company identity design prices

    Small identity design:
    $320 (CAD)
    Extensive identity design:
    $940 (CAD)
    Full identity design:
    Custom quote
    Identity book:
    $620 (CAD)
  • Product identity design

    Product identity design

    To talk about the importance of any given product is not necessary since we don't need to explain that you have manufactured that product for sale, for instance. Rather, it is important to land the product an image by which it can be identified by the purchaser and he can differentiate between it and other similar products.

    Product identity design prices

    Price: from $160 (CAD)
    Please ask personalized offer
  • Project identity design

    Project identity design

    Nowadays, one of the most commonly used word is project. The word refers to the process through which a product is made, or to the phases of work that is necessary to create anything at all. In either case, this process has a well defined beginning and an end. In essence, we could describe the phrase project as the designing, implementing, and marketing of a single task.

    Project identity design prices

    Price: from $ 190 (CAD)
    Please ask personalized offer
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