Graphic design

Even in the age of the internet, flyers, posters, and brochures are useful and well-tried marketing tools. These are objects that we can touch and see in their physical form. Think of a menu of food or drink, for instance! It is difficult to imagine any restaurant or cafe without one. These are the advertising tools that are most likely will never be replaced by their virtual counterparts. How would you feel if, while walking on the street, someone came up to you with a tablet to introduce his store or if a waiter would do the same with the menu before taking your order? LogoGiraffe offers you unique graphic solutions for effective advertising.
  • Offline graphic design

    Grafikai tervezés

    A well-designed flyer is not a piece of paper that we discard unread as soon as we can to free our hand. Likewise, we don't read the menu at a restaurant merely because the waiter puts it in our hand to make a selection from. The aesthetically well-designed, wisely constructed drink or food menu is not only a pleasure to look at but also should put us in the mood to drink and eat. A good poster attracts our attention with its vivid colors and pleasing appearance while it's also clear and simple in its message. In other words, one doesn't have to stare at it for long to interpret it and get interested. The minimum expectation we should have from any printed advertising media is its esthetic appearance and awareness-raising quality.

    Therefore, the material designed by LogogGiraffe - let that be a flyer, printed media, cover, food and drink menu, letterhead, banner, or poster - fulfills all the above requirements.

    Offline graphic design prices

    Price: from $160 (CAD)
    Please ask personalized offer
  • Online graphic design

    Online grafika

    Nowadays, people spend a significant amount of their time on the internet, and, maybe with a slight exaggeration, they live in a virtual world as they chat, share, comment, open news sites, read recipes, and seek practical advice online. With the right tools such as newsletters, banners, public advertisements, online videos, almost everyone is accessible in the virtual space of the net. However, this great virtual space has a major drawback: every user can block or deny any service or simply opt for not clicking on offers at all. In this way any potential consumer can decide in a split second whether the content is at interest to him or not. It is important that we, the provider, are clear on how important those decision-making moments are since they can determine the fate of our intent to reach the targeted consumers. Thus, we must take advantage of these crucial moments of decision making from the part of the consumer to make sure that our advertisements, newsletters, and webpages are read. The online graphic design is a powerful tool to draw the attention of the browsing consumer by powerful, eye-catching images that deliver our message almost instantaneously, not leaving room for second guesses. To this end, our graphic designs must be authentic, aesthetic, attention-grabbing, as well as informative.

    Online graphic design prices

    Price: from $160 (CAD)
    Please ask personalized offer
  • Shop decoration design

    Üzlet dekor

    You might think of decoration as an unnecessary nuisance that takes up room and collects dust at best. Yet, when a customer walks into a shop of any kind, first impressions are crucial. It's not enough for a shop to be clean and practically organized. It must also have something extra that is only typical of that particular shop. An aesthetically appealing window design that is unique and attention-grabbing, but not ostentatious or arty, can have a positive impact on the walking customer, not only as a first impression but also as a lasting imprint of memory about your business. The customer that is pleased by the sense of the space he enters is likely to be a repeat customer. LogoGiraffe is your partner in designing and creating such decor.

    Shop decoration design prices

    Price: from $190 (CAD)
    Please ask personalized offer
  • Vehicle decoration design

    Gépjármű dekor

    A vehicle that moves around and is seen by many can be the best advertising surface. Has it happened to you that you unintentionally stared at a sign on a vehicle and even tried memorising its content? Logo Giraffe takes orders for uniquely designed car decor that imprints instantaneously on the mind of the viewer.

    Vehicle decoration design prices

    Price: from $190 (CAD)
    Please ask personalized offer
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